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Available Kittens
!!!!!!!!!  MEWS NEWS !!!!!!!!!

New kitten now ready to reserve - to rehome after neutering + micochipping.
Seal Lynx Point Bengal Boy kitten - "Pippin" - born 28th Dec to Kassie and Codey.
Available as a beautiful pet, he loves cuddles and play !
He will be neutered, chipped, and vaccinated - for £650. 

We also currently have available young adults (£250-£300) - 

A) seal mink adult male pet Cassius - see photos below
B) seal mink adult male pet Pascha - see below
C) seal mink adult female pet Lacie - see below
D) seal mink adult female Silkie - see below
E) seal mink adult adult male Nico - see below
F) lynx point adult male Juno - see below

Please note - our prices include both sets of kitten vaccinations, microchipping AND neutering too !

!!!!!!!!!  MEWS NEWS !!!!!!!!!


Born 7th Apr 2014 -   1 adult boy available
DAM = "WidsideBengals Kyra of Authenticats" - "Kyra" -
SIRE = "Regional Winner Quadruple Grand Champion Authenticats Opal Ice Comet" - "Halley" -
1 x seal mink boy - stunning markings, big chunky boy, wild looking face, gentle sweet natured, a loyal loving boy, one of our best - available as a high quality pet - "Cassius"  - £300 includes neuter + microchip + vaccinations. From show winning sire "Halley" !


'Authenticats Copper Moon Mirage' - (US/Canadian lines) - "Pascha" 

DAM = Authenticats Opal Copper Moon - "Cali"
SIRE = Tarantela IvoryMoon of Authenticats - "Archie"

Our soft and gentle seal mink boy with such a lovely wild looking face and gorgeous large complete rosettes. Available for £300 including neutering, microchipping, and vaccinations.

Photos at just 5 months old


Authenticats Silk Lace Stellaris - "Lacie" 

DAM = "Authenticats Copper Silk Shadow - "Silkie"
SIRE = Authenticats Pearl Ice Asteroid - "Juno"
Part US Import pedigree  "Lacie" is from our sweet queen "Silkie" and our stud "Juno", she is a stunning soft coated seal mink rosetted girl with a gentle nature. Available for £300 including neutering, microchip ping and vaccinations.


'Authenticats  Onyx Polaris Star' - (US lines) - "Nico" 

DAM = RW SGC Authenticats Copper Onyx Aurora - "Shalini"
SIRE = RW QGC Authenticats Opal Ice Comet - "Halley"

Our lovely seal mink boy from our top show winning parents / pedigree. He has a sweet nature with lovely coat, he is a large boy and will be shown as a kitten and adult.

Photos at 4 months old


'Authenticats Pearl Ice Asteroid' - (US lines) - "Juno" 
DAM = QueenAnne PearlStar of Authenticats - "Shani"
SIRE = RW QGC Authenticats Opal Ice Comet - "Halley"

Our homebred sweet natured seal lynx point large rosette stud boy, sire to our upcoming mink stud boy Sunny. "Juno" is £300 and includes neutering, microchipping, and vaccinations.

pictured below as a kitten - 


Do contact me via the contact form,
or preferably email to AND - thanks !
Contact us if interested in giving these babies a home.
They will be ready to leave after 13 weeks of age, will be vaccinated and microchipped, and all pets will leave after neutering too. All Authenticats kittens are available as pets to approved households and to European or small UK based catteries - (conditions and additional costs will apply - do enquire). Excellent pedigree from my direct imported parentage, with many show winners in our pedigrees. All parents have sweet friendly natures, the kittens are being raised indoors in warm, noisy and happy surroundings, fed on Royal Canin and Almo Nature too. They are expected to have beautiful eyes plus soft coats and to have rosetting too. Their markings will get stronger as they get older, showing off their pretty faces, engaging eyes, and those all important rosettes -  each one a little snow leopard ! They would make an ideal quality indoor only pet - so definitely no access to outside and a legally binding contract will be in place to ensure this. Please only enquire if you are prepared to have an indoor only house cat for life, and to clean litter trays.
Do please contact us if interested in future litters, as viewings can be arranged.
These beautiful babies say a big 'Hi' to all those people across various corners of the world that also seem to be watching their progress  :-) "Hello everyone" !!!!   
New pictures of these sugar sweet kittens will be uploaded soon - so do check back often - as we may just have that special kitten, just for you.
"Don't feel shy to return the 'Hi' !!" - as we would love to hear from people that are watching our babies grow up ! 
For those of you watching this page from outside of the UK, we choose not to 'cargo' our precious babies, but..... we can arrange for exporting a kitten via personal collection by you, we can met up at a show, in the UK or abroad, or even we can deliver the kitten to you in very special circumstances - i.e. it is possible to fly with the kitten travelling 'in cabin' from Brussels to your local airport. We have shown cats all over Europe, and in America too, so have got used to coping with the unexpected whilst travelling lond distance with cats ! Anyway, I'm sure we can arrange something that avoids the extreme stress of cargoing - just contact us and we can work it out :-)
SO, ....
do please join our growing 'Kitten Waiting List' by filling in our mailing form on our <Contact Us> page. Then everytime we plan our next litters of kittens, we can review this list and aim to match up for your requirements.
OR ....
why not keep yourself informed automatically - so when Authenticats kittens are born, or expected, you get notified. If you wish to be informed when we update this page with kitten information, use this link to a <monitoring application> and you can receive emails automatically. Just copy and paste the web address of this page, into their 'page address' box, and also enter your email address for them to send you alerts, and then everytime this page changes with new kittens, you'll be notified and know before anyone else !
Due to our great show success with TICA, Authenticats kittens are in high demand, so if you wish to be added to our waiting list, then do contact us early, to avoid disappointment - we'd love to hear from you !
We can then discuss our upcoming litters and suitability, and hopefully we have plans for the exact kitten, or kittens, especially for you.
Kittens do get booked in advance, even before they are born, due to their quality pedigrees and rarity of the snow colours, so do contact us early to secure that extra special kitten just for you.
Why not take two, as they are very active and will love to go to their new families as part of a pair, and they can be the best of friends forever.
And once you've decided that you'd like to consider homing a special Authenticats kitten, please review the 'Important Information' page, and then contact us, and we can arrange that all important visit, to come and meet the lovely and special Authenticats kittens !
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