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Please see below for our current working stud boys - Lunar imported from the US, and our lovely homebred keeper boys 'Halley', 'Juno' and 'Riley', and also "Archie" our stunning seal mink boy.

Introducing -

'Authenticats Pearl Ice Asteroid' - (US lines) - "Juno"
DAM = QueenAnne PearlStar of Authenticats - "Shani"
SIRE = RW QGC Authenticats Opal Ice Comet - "Halley"

Our homebred sweet natured seal lynx point large rosette stud boy, sire to our upcoming mink stud boy Sunny.

pictured below as a kitten -


Introducing -

'CH Authenticats Opal Lunar Quartz' - (US lines) - "Riley"

DAM = CH Bengaland OpalDonut of Authenticats - "Lyra"
SIRE = Medoz QuartzEclipse of Authenticats - "Lunar"

Our cheeky seal mink boy with such a lovely wild looking face.

pictured below as a kitten -

Introducing -

'CH Tarantela IvoryMoon of Authenticats'  - (Canadian/US pedigree) - "Archie"
DAM = WildsideBengals Kyra of Authenticats
SIRE = Canicspots Ice of Tarantela

Sire to RW SGC Authenticats Opal Bronze Soleil, and RW SGC Authenticats Copper Onyx Aurora. Seal Mink Rosetted bengal stud boy. 
Archie at just 6 months old showing his great head, rosettes, contrast, spotted tummy and good eye colour too !
Archie looking handsome at 5 months old - wild looking head, lovely rosettes and no ribbars !

Archie's first show - Many thanks go to Phillipa Holmes for a BEST SH Kitten at the Cattica Halloween Show on Sunday 31st Oct 2010.

Sire= Canicspots Ice of Tarantela (Canadian Import)
Azanabengals Hot Rod (Canadian stud)
Canicspots Jungle Love (Canadian queen)
Dam = WildsideBengals Kyra of Authenticats
MajesticPride Walk The Line (Canadian import)
Wildside Satin Ice (from Medoz imports) 

Introducing -

 'Medoz QuartzEclipse of Authenticats'  (US Import) - "Lunar"
(Confirmed HCM Negative - April 2011 - by Dan Andrews, Cardilogist, Seers Croft Vets, BVetMed CertVC MRCVS)
FIV & FeLV negative - April 2011
We are thrilled to announce that we are lucky enough to be able to welcome from the widely acclaimed and super-successful Medoz Cattery in Maryland, USA, the following new stud, who arrived in February 2011. Shown here at 11 months old with such great contrast on those huge rosettes !
Photos by Helmi Flick - many thanks Ken and Helmi for these lovely photos of him !
shown here at 11 weeks old - look at those rosettes !

Looking fabulous at just 5 months at the York Show, PA 10-11 July 2010 - what a big boy he is going to be !
His 3 generation pedigree is listed below -
Sire = QGC Medoz Shapeshifter
( HCM Negative )
his sire = RW SGC Bengaland Turbo Snosation 
( IW SGC Goldspurr’s Magnum Force of PS Bengals
x CH Bengaland Miss Keeta Divinci )
 x his dam = RW QGC Medoz Lace and Fineness
( Medoz Cold Mountain
x Premiercats Checkmate of Medoz )
Dam = Medoz FacesofEve
( HCM Negative )
her sire = Nodngait Held for Ransome
( Bridlewood Painthetown of Nodngait
(OS IW RW SGC Bridlewood A license To Thrill)
x Tejas Pocket Change of Nodngait )
x her dam =Medoz Desert Rain
(DGC Medoz Eminem
x Speakeasy Godiva of Medoz )

Introducing -

 'RW QGC Authenticats Opal Ice Comet' (US Pedigree) -  "Halley"
Our Quadruple Grand Champion homebred boy - handsome, loveable, happy, and very affectionate Halley ! He is a gorgeous seal rosetted lynx point and has a full US pedigree. His dam is our imported queen Bengaland OpalDonut of Authenticats 'Lyra'. His sire is US located stud Acute Flashback. He comes from a long line of snow coloured bengals -8 generations. Halley is a big boy - and with a laid back personality to match, he loves everyone ! He has a good wild domed head, deep back skull, straight profile, strong chin, puffy whiskers pads, huge round deepest blue eyes, medium well set ears, long rectangular body, strong boning, thick tail, and plush coat, evenly coloured all over, with full rosettes and a spotted tummy too. His has the most gentle nature with such a loving personality, and he just loves games and lots of attention too ! He easily won his Champion title at his very first adult show, and his Grand too, and went on to be a Quadruple Grand Champion and gained a Regional Winner's title !

His pedigree details are shown below.
Halley being shown below in August 2011 at 13 months old at the Cattica Regional Show in Bracknell whilst being awarded a BEST SP CAT on Saturday, and then 2ND BEST AB CAT on Sunday by American judge Fate Mays  :-)))  big smiles !! (thanks Fate, and thanks Connie for the lovely photos of our fantastic stud and show boy)
Halley shown below at just 11 months old...
.....sweet 'Halley' as a kitten -
His pedigree is just outstanding - super unique US pedigrees in both Dam and Sire lines, totally exclusive to us at Authenticats.
He has the following outstanding champions in his 6 generation pedigree -
2 x TICA Lifetime Achievement Award Winners -
Bengaland Arctic Hooter & Millwood Ischiron of Dreamland
5 x TICA International Winners
40 x Regional Winners !!!
His 2 generation photo pedigree is listed below -
Sire = RW SGC Acute Flashback
his sire = QGC KcsJunglebabes Blu Chiller
x his dam= RW CH Bengaland Hooters Rhianna of Acute
Dam = CH Bengaland OpalDonut of Authenticats 'Lyra'
her sire = IW SGC Junglemist Creme Donut of Bengaland
her dam = Bengaland Legacy Showcase
For more details on his pedigree do see Halley's listing on the website -