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Planned Litters
Future Litters
Juno has been mated to Rayna - Tica EW Regions Best Bengal Cat 2012/13
Kyra has been mated to our seal lynx point boy Halley
Archie has been mated to Sky
Archie will be mated again to Cali - parents to super successful Shalini who is Tica EW Region Best Bengal Kitten 2012/13
Juno will be mated to Silkie - who is half sister to Shalini
picture to follow
Shalini will be mated to Halley
Lunar will be mated again to Lyra
Riley will be mated to our newest girl - we are still looking for a rosetted mink or sepia girl ! -  watch this space !
watch this space
Phew - what a busy time ahead we have ! 
From all our matings we are expecting high quality 'cutting edge' snow rosetted kittens - so seal lynx points and seal minks, maybe seal sepias too, hopefully of breeder / show quality, or ultra high pet quality - perfect for adding that sought after new bloodline 'sparkle' into existing approved breeding programmes, or a special snow bengal friend that families are looking for when searching for a unique wow factor pet. These babies will be so special it will be so hard to choose !
All our kittens pedigrees will be just outstanding - super unique US pedigrees in both Dam and Sire lines, and kittens from these fantastic pairings will bring highly sought after brand new lines in the UK.
Please do register you interest to be added to our waiting list, so do let me know if you are hoping to secure one of our unique babies with their exceptional pedigrees.
Use our 'Kitten Waiting List Form' on the <Contact Us> page, to register your request for one, or more, of our special babies, or just to say 'Hi' - we'd love to hear from you in advance too !